Open Letter to Theresa May…

Hey… Leonard here. Just received this open letter from one our supporters and thought we had to share this with you guys…

Dear Theresa May

I am writing to ask you to throw your weight behind Boris Johnson’s efforts to have an unequivocal break with the EU, at the latest at the end of this two-year transition, at which point we should cease budget contributions and no longer be subject to the jurisdiction of the ECJ. I feel we should, as a Government be preparing, alongside EU negotiations, for moving to trade under WTO rules.

I am concerned about the slow progress regarding Brexit. I never anticipated that this would be a simple process, indeed reading Yannis Varoufakis’ books on Greece’s negotiations only made it crystal clear to me that there will be no negotiated settlement, only a capitulation and continued “shadow-membership” if we are to get an “agreement” from the EU’s negotiators. If we look at the EU’s current stance, i.e. no negotiation on trade until we agree to a fine with no basis in law, there is clearly no goodwill. If we also look at the implications for the EU of a successful UK departure, i.e. it will encourage disaffected states like Poland to consider leaving, then the EU bureaucracy clearly will suffer. The hole we will leave in the EU budget will be a toxic issue.

The longer the EU can put off dealing with its profligacy, the better for it. As for the individual states, Mr Macron has today asked for clarity. How can we give clarity to a deal they will not discuss with us? No government in the EU has an interest in progressing a deal. There is no cost to delay, in fact, the longer the delay and the less prepared we are, then the stronger will be the EU’s position. I understand that Theresa May is struggling to compromise with remainers in the conservative party, but we must be united, decisive and proactive.

Like Sir James Dyson, I am not afraid of going to WTO tariffs. I am very confident of the continuing position of London ahead of Frankfurt. I see the positive signs of continuing confidence in the City, Deutsche Bank has committed to new offices. Foreign investors continue to invest in London and UK property, taking advantage of weak Sterling to buy in the greatest international city in the world. As well as the inertia of the EU we are also challenged by the inertia of the Civil Service who quite naturally believe that more Government/ bureaucracy is good. We are also faced by the inertia of parliament, most of whose MPs are by inclination remainers.

We also face the inertia of big business which does not want the disruption that a potential return to presentative democracy in Britain will bring. We need to be decisive, understand the nature of our position, i.e. in a hostile negotiation, and be willing to “play hard-ball”: We should prepare actively for no deal. So we should also consider charging EU members individually for our continuing commitment to NATO. At some stage we should start a national campaign of “Trade nationalism”, i.e. encouraging British people to actively substitute UK and Commonwealth manufactured produce for EU products. I appreciate that these latter proposals seem harsh, but the EU is not outward-looking or democratic. It is undemocratic and protectionist and it’s qualified majority voting means that decisions are dominated by the interests of Germany, France and the Benelux countries.

The interests and democracy of member states like Greece and Ireland have been undermined to preserve the Euro and protect, in particular, German banks and the ECB. The Euro serves only to entrench economic differences in the EU and it entrenches poverty outside of the core Benelux states: The Euro cannot survive, given the untenable debt burdens of states like Italy and Portugal who require debt relief and devaluation. As the EU’s problems become more and more severe it will only become more and more divided and dysfunctional. Every major, initiative that the EU has undertaken has failed, the Euro, the Single market – does not exist in services and according to Sir James Dyson it doesn’t for physical goods, EU diplomacy is not coherent or effective. The common agricultural policy is against the interests of consumers.

The EU has to my knowledge ever had its accounts signed off by its auditors. It is corrupt, unaccountable and hounds its whistle-blowers from office. British interests will only be served when we are outside the EU. A decisive break is needed.

We Urge you to use this letter and send to your Local MP’s and to the Prime Minister herself.

There will now be no Brexit. The bad news is there will instead be a “Norway minus” deal in which every attempt at new legislation in the UK will be subject to a veto by Northern Ireland and the EU. this will threaten the Union. Particularly if Sinn Fein end up in power in Stormont.
My bet now is we will get free access for goods – bad for Britain, but not for Financial services – except subject to continuing regulatory equivalence which will be decided by the EU.
This need for ongoing approval of our regulatory equivalence will mean we will keep being blackmailed and we will keep paying as if we were an EU member.
The EU have played a blinder. If the conservatives try and row back and go hard Brexit the Northern Irish will break up the Government. Corbyn gets in. Check mate.
There will be no meaningful Brexit. This is worse than the worst deal we could have ever imagined. UK laws decided in the UK by the British will not happen.