Muslim population in parts of Europe could TRIPLE by 2050: New study predicts migration and birth rates will lead to dramatic rise in numbers across continent

When this era is looked back on in history it will be known as the ‘Great Islamic Invasion of Europe’ …

Do YOU really want the future of Great Britain  and the rest of Europe to be transformed beyond recognition? It is Not racist to want to support and encourage our way of life, white brown, black it makes bo difference. The threat is the Islamification of our lands! simple as that.

The Islamic population in parts of Europe – including Britain – may triple by 2050, researchers say.

Numbers in a recent report indicate a stark east-west divide, with the Muslim share of the UK’s population rising from 6.3 per cent in 2016 to 16.7 per cent.

The study by the Pew Research Centre concludes that Europe’s Muslim population would continue to grow over the next several decades even if immigration to the continent were halted.

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Under the ‘zero migration’ scenario, Muslims would make up 7.4 per cent of Europe’s population by 2050 compared to the 4.9 per cent they comprised last year.

Researchers say that’s mostly because the birthrate for Muslims is generally higher than for other Europeans.

Countries including Belgium, France and Italy will see the biggest change in the ‘zero migration’ scenario because they have young Muslim populations.

As of 2016, the UK’s share of Muslims was recorded as 6.3 per cent, around 4.1 million people. In Europe, the total was 4.9 per cent, around 24.9 million.

In the medium migration scenario – perhaps the most likely – the UK’s Muslim population would rise from 6.3 per cent to 16.7 per cent – around 13 million.

The lowest estimate has the share rising to 9.7 per cent, and the highest 17.2 per cent.

Experts at Pew Research Centre, in Washington, USA, modeled three scenarios for estimating the number of Muslims who would be living in Europe by 2050.

All three used a mid-2016 estimate of 25.8 million as a baseline, but assumed different future migration rates.

Under the ‘zero migration’ scenario, an estimated 30 million Muslims would make up 7.4 per cent of Europe’s population by 2050 compared to the 4.9 percent they comprised last year.

This threat we face has nothing to do with race… so any left wing morons that spout the race card please stop, you are stopping the majority from beeni g able to voice their concerns! WE must firstly acknowledge the threat we face and then WE must start taking action. Our page is dedicated to highlighting the issues our leaders and press are failing too!

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