Alarming Figures – ‘London has more Murders than NEW YORK!’

Wow… Just Wow. These shocking statistics show what London is becoming under Sadiq Khan. Sunday Times reports that London murder rate in February and March higher than New York. Never thought I’d see that day.’ London’s murder rate has overtaken New York City’s for the first time as Scotland Yard announced yesterday that it is investigating the 12th killing in just 19 days.

Fifteen people were murdered in the capital in February compared with 14 in New York, which has a similar population size. The latest figures for March showed 23 killings in London compared with 21 in the American city.

Ander Neil Dismay

Remainer campaigner and anti-alt right activist, Edith, proclaimed that BREXIT was to blame.

She said: “Maybe it’s because of all the hate and division caused by Brexit? Maybe if people were more understanding and accepting then we wouldn’t have so much rage on our streets. Let’s invest in education for young people and migrants rather than forcing them into crime.”

Most are blaming this rise on the Lonon Mayor Sadiq Khan ,

Look at the stats below!

  • Homicide- 27% increase
  • Youth Homicide- 70% increase
  • Robbery- 31% increase
  • Home Burglary- 18.7% increase
  • Knife Crime- 31.3% increase
  • Gun Crime- 16.4% increase
  • Rape- 18.3% increase

Last year there were 397 incidents. Separate figures show the number of victims rose from 281 in the whole of 2015 to 487 in the 10 months to October last year.

The data — obtained from the Met police under a Freedom of Information request — also revealed:

    •  Younger people are most likely to be victims of acid attacks, with more than 50 percent of offences involving victims aged between 10 and 29.
    •  Most victims are also male, 351 in the 10 months last year, with the percentage of female victims falling significantly in the last 10 years.
    •  Most suspects in the past three years are in the 10-19 age group and the vast majority are male.

He responded with this tweet –

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