Islamic State ‘Beatles’ duo complain about losing UK citizenship

Well these Two So-called Britons accused of being Islamic State members have complained they will not get a fair trial because the UK government has stripped them of their citizenship. Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, from west London, were captured in Syria in January.

They are accused of being the last two members of an IS group dubbed ‘the Beatles’ because of their UK accents.

The pair also said the murder of IS hostages was “regrettable”.

Reports from an interview with Associated Press from northern Syria, Elsheikh is reported to have said the “illegal” withdrawal of their UK citizenship put them at risk of “rendition and torture”.

“Being taken to any foreign land and treated in any way and having nobody to vouch for you,” he said.

“When you have these two guys who don’t even have any citizenship… if we just disappear one day, where is my mum going to go and say where is my son?”

He said he could have “no fair trial when I am ‘the Beatle’ in the media”.

Kotey told the Associated Press that he “didn’t see any benefit” to the killings.

“It was something that was regrettable,” he said.