Grace Mugabe cries foul over farm invasion and property rights

Grace Mugabe image credit - BBC | YouTube

#Grace Mugabe is the wife of Zimbabwe’s former President, Robert Mugabe. She is now crying foul over illegal artisanal gold miners who have invaded her farm near Mazowe.

This comes at a time when the USA is urging current President Ed Mnangagwa to ‘respect property rights’ and ‘human rights,’ the Daily News, Zimbabwe reports.

Grace Mugabe complains about her land being invaded

This complaint by one of the previously most powerful women in Africa, (who was actually born in South Africa), is ironic, given the history of her and #Robert Mugabe when it comes to stripping farmers of their investment, farms, and human rights.

As Eddie Cross pointed out, on his website, 31 March 2018, Grace Mugabe did not pay for the farm that has now been invaded. His feelings of sympathy for her current predicament that was reported by the BBC, are few.

Indeed, he wrote, “Are you the lady who has been at the center of power in #Zimbabwe when a large number of investors in Zimbabwe who resisted the theft of their life’s work, were murdered?”

He added, “Like Stephens who was murdered by the Police who had abducted him leaving his wife a widow with small children to raise. I am sure you saw the picture of a young farmer, who had bought his farm with a legitimate, legal permit from your husband’s government, gunned down outside his home with his dog lying next to him and refusing to be taken away.”

Grace Mugabe acquired the land by forcible eviction

He also pointed out that her “own farming empire,” had been taken by force from their legitimate owners.

Mugabe was the preferred president of Zimbabwe by the United Kingdom, and he even had tea with the Queen, where he was feted and everyone left-of-centre simply could not get enough of the Communist- China backed politician.

Encouraged by this, the Telegraph UK reported a year ago that the Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism suggested that the Queen should visit Zimbabwe and have some tea with Mugabe again as there was “so much love” between the two heads of state.”

A lost legacy through misrule

“Love?” This is doubtful. How could Queen Elizabeth possibly sit down to tea with the man with a track record of corruption, fiscal mismanagement, and a propensity for ‘disappearing’ any threat to his dictatorial rule?

VOA Zimbabwe reported back in November 2017, that the USA “Secretary Tillerson… stated, Zimbabwe has an historic opportunity to set itself on a new path. Through that process, the United States urges unwavering respect for the rule of law and for established democratic practices. “

This came about when they were congratulating Zimbabweans on peacefully forcing Mugabe out. The USA really had to say that the Rule of Law should be respected. They could hardly say otherwise. But what does stand out now, is that for once, most of the mainstream foreign media are not engaging in the usually farcical hand-wringing.

Western mainstream media – surprisingly non-partisan

Maybe for once, they have not collectively forgotten that when the farms were forcibly taken, the farm employees themselves lost their homes and income and suffered terribly.

Eddie cross reminds us of this, where he writes of Grace, “… you evicted not only the legitimate owners but the people who had settled there under the State-sponsored land reform program. Do you remember the pictures of the families with small children sitting in the open, sleeping on the ground in cold weather on the side of the road, not knowing what to do or where to go?”

It is unrealistic for the western world to expect the average Zimbabwean citizen to care very much about Grace Mugabe’s land invasion. Many media outlets have reported that the land invasion was done by gold diggers – a well-chosen and apt metaphor.

*Footnote – Newsday Zimbabwe explains that “Eddie Cross is a prominent economist and politician. He is the current member of Parliament for Bulawayo South. He is also a founding member of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T).”