Is the fight back beginning?

Old video footage from a demo in Luton that started the fight back against Islamic extremism.

This protest was in response to a group of now convicted terrosist supporter/recruiters disgracefully attacking our armed forces as the marched through the town.

From the protest the English Defence League was formed and spread thoughout the UK.

The Leader of the English Defence League was Tommy Robinson, who battled with in fighting and extreme nazi supporters trying to infiltrate the fast growing group.

Although the EDL has declined over the past few years,  support for tackling Islamic Extremism has grown massively,  so has to be seen a success story.

Below is footage of what will be known as the birth of the Fight back in Great Britain.

VIDEO: People of Luton Protest against Muslim Extremism!

VIDEO: People of Luton Protest against Muslim Extremism!

Pubblicato da Britain First su Sabato 8 luglio 2017

Its amazing to think how little was known about the Islamic problem the world was facing back then, the growth of the internet and un filtered news has let the people of this nation learn the truth of the problem.

Although, as with anything there can be misleading stories on Facebook, the majority a real, un biased, un edited news informing the people of what really is happening.

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