Breaking – Gun shots at YouTube HQ

Police are investigating reports of gunfire at YouTube’s headquarters in California.

San Bruno Police Department confirmed it was on the scene and urged people to “stay out of the area”.

YouTube employee Vadim Lavrusik posted on Twitter: “Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.”

Footage posted on Spapchat showed YouTube employees streaming out of the building with their hands above their heads.

As one of the most-visited services on the web, YouTube is under constant scrutiny for its policy decisions over content moderation, monetization, and other issues. The doors to its headquarters are typically locked, with visitors having to be buzzed in by someone at the front desk.

Police in Northern California say they are responding to an incident involving an “active shooter” at YouTube headquarters.

Gunshots were reported at the company’s campus in San Bruno, south of San Francisco.

Ambulances are at the scene and authorities have warned the public to stay out of the area.

Google, which owns YouTube, has said it is investigating a possible “gunfire incident”.

Unconfirmed reports from local media say the shooter is a woman.

YouTube employee Todd Sherman tweeted that people fled the building in panic.