40 Years of Cover Ups

The words from just one of the Victims of the rape epidemic that has and still is sweeping this country (and has been for 40 years?)
And DIPU AHAD councilor for Elswick in Newcastle, and his take on the rape problem in Newcastle.

Ms Woodhouse said her abusers and all those reported to her by other victims were from Muslim backgrounds.

“Nobody is saying that all Muslims commit abuse, but by saying it’s not an issue you’re silencing the victims,” she added.
Ms Woodhouse, who is now 32, said she knew one girl who was “read statements from the Quran” while being raped and said she was made to eat halal, while Mad Ash wanted to make her his second wife under Sharia law.
Ms Woodhouse was outraged by the sacking of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion from the Shadow Cabinet over a newspaper article in her name that claimed “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.

(this is how Labour dealt with the problem, they fired their MP for speaking out against the rape gangs? They did not call for investigations and help for the victims of these vile rapist but instead called for the head of the one MP in their ranks that wanted to get this problem debated and sorted?)

She warned that if British society does not have “open and honest conversations” on the factors and attitudes driving grooming, the far-right will be able to control the debate.
The proportion of white British victims of sexual exploitation prompted intense national debate in August, where the former director of public prosecution Lord McDonald called grooming a “profoundly racist crime”, despite a judge later finding victims in Newcastle were not targeted by race?

Men from a wide range of nationalities, races and religions have been prosecuted as part of grooming gangs but the prevalence of abusers from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds (some estimated 80%) has been a point of controversy.

Dipu Ahad, a councillor in Newcastle, said grooming was not just an issue for South Asian communities, adding “the only box they fit into is of abusers”.

“In the biggest cases we’ve seen recently, we can’t deny they’re Asian men,” he told The Independent.
“This is an opportunity to look at how we use our communities, our culture, our religion to combat these issues.”
(a bit of miss direction I would have thought, as Sikhs, Hindu’s and other Asian minorities are not part of the problem, only Muslim Asians mainly from Pakistan and some from Bangladesh have been linked to the rape epidemic)

Mr Ahad said the grooming gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and Newcastle were “not followers of Islam but were from Muslim communities”.
(Really? the Prophet is the example that all Muslim men are expected to emulate and follow and he took sex slaves? And you say they are not Muslims, yet they emulate the Prophet as a good Muslim should?)
He called for ethnic minority groups to be given the tools to debate views on women and relationships without making them feel targeted, adding: “Discussions need to happen now because God forbid there might be another city or another town.”
(yet Dipu Ahad help orginise a counter demonstration by “Newcastle Unite” and “Stand Up To Racism” of a Veterans Against Terrorism march in Newcastle, when they tried to raise this issue? And tried to label them as racists?)

In Bradford, white children were over-represented in the latest figures among those affected compared to the general population, making up 70 per cent of open cases, compared to 16 per cent Asian and 7 per cent mixed.

The council is running a number of safeguarding initiatives and is training teachers, taxi drivers, shopkeepers and bar owners to spot suspicious behaviour, while running education programmes in schools.
(yet Dipu Ahad is on record as being against the PREVENT strategy, a government intuitive that is helping to stop radicalization of young people? And would have helped to stop these rapist from seeing these young vulnerable girls as sex slaves?)